EcoVenger ER-3 - QUART

EcoVenger ER-3 - QUART

  • $41.95

EcoVenger ER-3 Bio-Insecticide, formerly known as EcoRaider ER-3, is an all-natural triple-action formula, It is a three-in-one insecticide concentrate that combines the power of a larvicide, adulticide, and spatial repellency. Specially formulated to fight most insect problems by immediately killing both flying and landing insects and by inhibiting the growth of larvae.

It has a low odor Perfect to use in parks, playgrounds, backyards, schoolyards, daycare centers, retention ponds, and even during outdoor parties, weddings, and festivals.


  • Dilutable by 4-8oz per finished gallon.
  • Effective on a broad spectrum of insects
  • Safe around kids and pets
  • Low odor, low impact, and non-staining

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