Ants are a common pest especially in certain seasons like Spring. Many have their nests outdoors and they forage for food inside your home. If they find a good food source, they may continue to come back, collect their food and take it back to their outdoor colony. Others build their nest indoors.

There are many different Ant species, with the same control treatments. However, we do have a separate web page on Carpenter Ants because they are of economic importance.  You may go to that page by clicking here.

Control Methods

For some species, elimination of breeding spots such as mulch and other decaying organic matter near a structure can be helpful.  However, once ants start appearing inside,  we recommend the use of bait products as an effective control method.

Gel Baits

Many professionals are using gel baits for ants. The Ants love it and use it as a food source then take it back to their colony spreading the poison to all. There are several on the market.  Based on our experience and feedback from commercial applicators, there has been a great degree of success with Gourment Ant Bait Gel, the active ingredient is "contagious" and affects ants that make physical with it or consumed the bait. 

Bait Stations - Convenient, Low Risk

Of all available bait forms, bait stations offer a convenient, low risk approach for pesticide application. Although often referred to as "traps", these products are actually feeding stations where insects can enter and then move the bait to the ant colony.  The product that we recommend is Maxforce FC Ant Bait Stations.   These may be applied both indoors or outdoors, but for best results, they should be placed areas that are well trafficked by ants and away from the sun and rain.   They are effective for a range of ant species.

When using bait stations, try to leave the areas near the stations undisturbed; cleaning or washing areas near them removes the scent trails used by other ants need to find the bait.

Granular Baits

Another type of bait is granular bait.  We offer Niban FG Fine Granular Ant Bait, a food-based bait treated with 5% orthoboric acid    It may be applied by evenly spreading the product or applying it into cracks and crevices as directed.  Because this is a fine granules product, it is suited to a range of ant species including pavement ants, pharaoh ants, acrobat ants, and little black ants.   But it will also work for larger ants such as carpenter ants.

Advance Carpenter Ant Bait, which may be applied around the outside of the structure and controls a variety of ants, is best suited for larger ant species such as Carpenter Ants due to its larger particle size.  Smaller ants may be able to take the bait, but they may not be able to bring the relatively large granules into the smaller nest entrances.  Nonetheless, this product may be used for a number of ant species.

Though these products may be applied indoors, it's fish based food ingredient has an odor which some may find objectionable and thus applied into cracks and crevices.  On the outside, the manufacturer recommends that it be applied in one or more piles from which the ants can grab the bait.    

An additional granular bait product that we offer is Maxforce Complete.   This product contains a variety of grit sizes to appeal to a range of ant species.   This product is weather resistant.    


Traditional Methods

Residual insect sprays can still be used for most ant species.  Most effective is a perimeter treatment applied on both sides of a building's exterior walls. Outside, treatment should include areas around door frames, window frames, and application to the foundation and any other areas that are vulnerable to entry by ants.  Inside, treat around the door frames and window frames as well as along baseboard areas.  Additional treatment of damp areas may be required in kitchen and bathroom areas.  Liquid insect sprays are best applied as a pin (jet) stream using low pressure rather than using a fan spray.  

There are many liquid and dust materials that may be applied for control of ants.  We sell three products for ant control: Alpine Insecticide DustDrione Dust, and Permacide P-1. To see our full product offering and prices, click here.


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