Lady Bugs / Lady Beetles


The population of the Asian Lady Beetles has exploded creating problem with insects that migrate onto and into homes in the fall and sometimes in large numbers. 

Life Cycle

There is the possibility of numerous generations of this beetle during the year, but as soon as the temperatures start feeling fall-like, they'll begin to migrate onto the warm side of buildings, attracted by the sunlight reflecting on the building. 

Shortly afterward, the beetles will find their way into the walls of homes through cracks around windows, doors or any other crack to hide inside the warm walls during the cold season

During springtime when temperatures begin to rise, they will emerge from their hiding spots in search of food sometimes in large numbers.


The best way to avoid Lady Beetles is to prevent them from entering your home before fall by spraying a good residual insecticide like Onslaught insecticide around door and window frames, where pipes & wires enter the home and 3 feet up on the foundation.

Once they already entered the walls, treatment might be difficult since they are hidden in the -hard-to-reach areas in the walls. Spraying a good aerosol spray like Alpine Pressurized Insecticide into wall voids, and around window/door frames.

But we are pleased to offer an alternative product that does not involve pesticides.  Lady Bug Buster is a product that is based on another product that we have sold for years, Cluster Buster.  Inside of the trap is an attractant to lure the beetles inside. Once inside, the beetles fly into very finely ground powdered egg shell which is so light and fluffy that the insects attempting to stand on it quickly sink into it. The particle size acts to kill the insect by blocking the breathing apparatus on insects called sphaeracles.


We have another solution, an insect repellent called Outlast NBS-30 which is derived from a variety of plant oils and can be mixed with water, paint or stain. When applied with water, the product repels the beetles for about a week. If mixed into paint or stain, its repelling properties last for two years or longer. Targeting the areas where insects return year after year may be a good control strategy.



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