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Mosquito Bits “Quick Kill" Mosquito & Fungus Gnats Larvicide 30Oz

  • $17.95

Mosquito Bits is a highly selective microbial insecticide (BTI) effective against mosquitoes and Fungus Gnats.

Spread over the surface of water or water gardens, tree holes, bird baths, roof gutters, areas where standing water cannot easily be controlled such as fallen leaves, swampy areas, and other areas where small amounts of water turn into mosquito breeding grounds. It will be eaten by mosquito larvae growing there.

The BITS will give a quick kill of existing mosquito larvae within 24 hours. Re-apply every 7 to 14 days for maximum control. 

BITS may be applied to areas in contact with humans, animals, horses, livestock, pets, birds or wildlife. Harmless to plants, beneficial insects, honeybees, fish or wildlife. 

Treats up to 2178 sq. ft.

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