Read What Some Customers Wrote to Us

We must be doing something right.  Below are complimentary letters and E-Mails we've received:

Dear Mr. Eldridge,

Thank you for your personal business card and note included with my recent order, rare in today's business climate. Indian Meal Moths have been a problem for me several years now. Monitoring food storage areas, careful enclosure of all grains in glass or sealed plastic, and still they were a constant.  First I ordered the traps and thought they weren't working.  But the must have because we got down to the larva stage.  I was inspecting my ceilings every few hours.  Always killing three to six or more. Then my daughter went on the internet for me and after reading to me what she found, I promptly ordered the spray product. Another thorough cleaning and disposing of many products and careful application of your product & I think we've got it! Haven't seen one in days  Can't thank you enough.  The few dollars invested sure beats the $100-$200 I was quoted by an exterminator.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am so grateful.

Best of everything in your business.   

Eternally Appreciative,

G.   - Massachusetts


THANK YOU!!!!!!!

For the last 25 years, I have lived with cluster flies.  First 12 years in a log home and then here in New York.  They have driven me crazy.  Until someone has lived with these pests, they have no idea how awful they are.  At the first warm day, I couldn't open my front door because it was filled with flies. They were all outside of the house, clinging to the siding.  The back porch was filled with them.  I spent hours killing them in the house.  I found egg sacs while vacuuming the carpet.  Every time I thought I had them all and sat down to have a cup of coffee, there would be one buzzing around my head!  If I didn't love my husband, I would just pack up and move to someplace that didn't have a neighborhood filled with FLIES.  He wouldn't let me call an exterminator because of the chemicals. I don't know how or why, but I put your fly traps in the windows like you told me to do on the phone and waited. At first, I thought that maybe it was just the weather that kept the flies away.  It has been cold and rainy.  But yesterday and today it has been beautiful and NO FLIES.  I can't believe it.  I just cleaned up the last of the bodies trapped in the window frames on our back porch and washed up the mess they made all over the windows. I feel like I have been let out of prison.  I also bought some fruit fly traps for my daughter and son-in-law.  They have 5 parrots and the fruit flies have been awful.  The said that the traps have been wonderful. So thanks - I feel like taking our a full page add in our local paper to tell people about you.

PS - The original phone conversation was what really sold me on your products.  I was treated so nicely.  I will send you a prayer of great success every time I sit on my back porch.

O.  -  New York


Just a note to let you know that my order arrived very quickly and that the product, the Cluster Buster, is working like a dream so far. Thanks again for the excellent customer service and I appreciated your card that came with the order.



AllPro Bug Killer Spray

I am writing to thank you for getting rid of a serious bug infestation!  I live in ____ I have lived here for 33 years.  I had never come across anything like this! There bugs were getting into cornmeal, bags of pasta, salt, sugar, etc...... We were even finding them in the microwave oven! After contacting numerous pest control centers and having my home sprayed at various times, the bugs prevailed!!!!!!!  They would not die!! (as a matter of fact, they were getting bigger) I began to do some research, found your web site and decided to place an order.  Even after receiving the package from you, I was skeptical .......(to say the least!) After sitting in the box for about two weeks, we finally follow the instructions and applied the spray.  I can say honestly that I have not seen a bug in three months!!!!!!!!

 I just wanted to say,   THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Excellent service, shipping, card, etc!  Now I just hope the product works cuz I have spent 10 day trying to eradicate every weevil from our pantry and a few still appear on the empty shelves each morning. Tonight I blast them with your stuff.

Follow up:

The first application drove 20-25 out - larvae and beetles so that I did it again this morning to get any stragglers sot I can be confident before I put the food back.  If I hadn't done this treatment, the whole cleaning/tossing/bagging event would have been for naught.




Thank YOU  !!!    You're a real pleasure to do business with, and as my husband runs his own business, I truly appreciate how important customer service is. Yours is superb ! ! !   I hope to be emailing you orders for a long time to come.  Thanks again for being a wonderful supplier with wonderful customer service, not to mention a wonderful product in the Deer & Rabbit Repellent  .  .  .  I can't believe the manufacturer has even considered discontinuing it, let alone has already done so.  Anyway, I guess that's progress  .  .  .  or not   ! ! ! By the way, the weepul (a small promotion we have sent to repeat customers) are a wonderful touch,.  Isn't it funny how such small things give peoplesuch a large charge  ???  ! ! !

 M. - North Carolina