Protecta EVO Express iQ Tray IQ9307

  • $22.95

Trap & Bait not Included.


Bell’s most versatile bait station now comes with an incredible new feature, built-in sensing technology. For the first time, technicians will be able to track when and where rodents are traveling in their bait stations.

Each Express iQ tray comes with a fully integrated battery, proprietary sensor and antenna, that is water and weather-proof. The sensors collect timestamps of rodent activity and communicate via Bluetooth technology to the Bell Sensing App when technicians are on site doing their service. The data gathered will empower PMPs to improve their service, knowing when to add additional bait stations or rodenticide, or where to move bait stations to win the fight against rodents.

The Express  iQ tray can be placed into both new and existing Express stations. To install, simply remove the existing tray and add the iQ tray, follow the app set-up instructions, and begin sensing. There is no need for tools or nuts and bolts, or expensive gateway equipment. iQ products let technicians do their job better, as they can now spend their time solving the problem at their accounts, instead of trying to figure out rodent activity.

Just like the standard Express tray, the Express iQ tray works great for baiting or trapping, offering multiple options to fit the needs of your customer.  It can either hold 2 T-Rex rat traps, 2 Mini-Rex mouse traps, up to 8 bait blocks or a combo of these options to best meet your needs.

Be a smarter PMP with Express iQ.

Download: IQ Manual.pdf

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