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Acecap - 10 Pack

  • $19.95

  • ACECAP Systemic Tree Implants 98.9% Ace hate 10 Pack 12ea Easy to use systemic insecticide implants for control of destructive pests of ornamental trees
  • Applied in spring, the treatment will provide season-long control of many insects, including Aphids, Bagworms, Borers, Budworms, California Oak worm, Cankerworm, Case bearer, Elm Leaf Beetle, Gypsy Moth etc.
  • The sap flow dissolves the chemical and carries it throughout the tree in 4 to 5 days. Ten implants will effectively treat up to a 14" trunk diameter
  • Systemic insecticide tree implants
  • Contains 99 percent acephate, a highly effective systemic insecticide for broad-spectrum insect control
  • Acecaps are registered for use against aphids, bagworms, bronze birch borer, gypsy moth, tent caterpillar, wooly adelgid, and many more
Packed 10 per box - 3/8" tree implant - contains acephate - for the control of Emerald Ash Borer and a number of other common pests of a variety of tree species - used for trees of 4" diameter or greater

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